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PTE听说读写核心课程 适用目标50-90
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    1,p 元音
    stop each, develop it, keep every, stop adding, cheap artist, shop always, type other, keep earning, keep another, dip eight, tape over, hope either, keep out, stop oil-production, sharp ears.

    2,b 元音
    job easily, rub it, bribe every, superb acting, job afterwards, disturb others, mob urged, mob opposed, mob aimed, disturb old, disturb either, grab our.

    3,t 元音
    cut even, what else, get active, went after, what obstacles, meet all, get up, must earn, wait until, that age, not only, next item, left out, import oil, right ear, that airport.

    4,d 元音
    directed each, confide in, behind every, road accident, and artists, good offer, extend all, friend earned, and another, good aim, friend opened, good idea, road

    5, walk inside, ask any, work actively, work after, clerk offered, make all, make others, speak earnestly, spoke across, back ached, spoke openly, took ideas, like our.

    6,g 元音
    drag each, drag it, drag any, big ambassador, dig after, big opportunity, dog always, dug under, beg earnestly, dig across, big aims, hug old, big ideas, dug out.

    7,f 元音
    laugh easily, chief interest, if enemies, enough activities, safe answer, chief officer, wife always, if others, wife earns, wife agreed, if age, wife opened, enough ideas, if our, if oil.

    8,v 元音
    above each, above it, have any, brave act, shave after, have objections, move all, receive others, leave early, save about, have eight, have old, live idly, believe our.

    9,θ 元音
    tooth each, cloth in, bath every, both acted, both answers, cloth on, mouth always, Smith understood, youth urged, worth another, Smith aimed, both old, both our.

    10,ð 元音
    with each, with immediate, with any, with actors, with obvious, with all, with others, with appreciation, with aged, with only, with our.

    11,s 元音
    since each, pass it, thus every, bus accident, curious answer, thus obviously, thus all, convince others, nurse earns, false alarm, thus age, boss owned, false ideas, replace our.

    12,z 元音
    use each, because of, his enemies, those accidents, please answer, as on, always ordered, accuse others, his earnings,because another, always able, his own, wise idea, praise our.

    NOTE: The ‘s’ in ‘use’, ‘because’, ‘his’, ‘those’, ‘please’, ‘as’, ‘always’, ‘accuse’, ‘wise’ and ‘praise’ sounds ‘z’, and not ‘s’.

    13,tʃ 元音
    attach each, watch it, teach any, rich actor, rich artist, such opportunities, teach all, teach others, much early, much about, such able, teach old, which items, watch our, which airport.

    14,dʒ 元音
    change it, change any, encourage actors, engage artists, large earnings, judge agreed, engage eight, change old, change either, charge our, talk easily,

    15, ʃ 元音
    finish each, brush it, finish any, finish answering, furnish opportunities, wash all, finish other, finish another, selfish aims, brush only, foolish ideas, wash our.

    16, m 元音
    room each, came in, welcome every, same actor, same answer, come on, name always, from up, home urgently, telegram omitted, same age, came over, some ideas, came out.

    17,n 元音
    men eat, burn it, on any, an accident, one after, certain offices, certain organizations, eleven others, own earnings, cousin accepted, chin ached, an old, an item, men outside.

    18,ŋ 元音
    during each, bring it, sing any, young actor, wrong answer, king obviously, among all, among others, during early, king obeyed, young age, living only, wrong ideas, among our.

    19,l 元音
    compel each, all in, tell any, will act, will ask, fell on, control all, will understand, total earnings, will again, actual age, little over, until ideas, fell outside.

    20,r 元音
    four each, better image, assure everyone, better actor, better ask, better operated, picture always, father understood, doctor urged, far away, never able, door opened, four items, fear our.