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PTE听说读写核心课程 适用目标50-90
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    top portion, slip back, ripe tomato, keep driving, cheap chair, stop joking, cheap cover, stop going, step forward, grip very, keep thinking, develop the, keep saying, deep zone, top shape, type here, soap might, wipe neatly, stop laughing, stop reminding, keep your, steep wall.

    superb performance, mob became, subscribe to, job during, mob chased, rub just, rub carefully, superb game, job for, absorb very, disturb things, bribe them, rub some, job
    should, absorb half, glib manner, grab now, globe-like, job racket, grab your, club welcomed.

    check properly, look better, like to, back door, look cheerful, make gestures, black curtain, black gate, black figure, shake violently, stock things, pick the, look surprised, book shop, look here, make money, strike nicely, knock lightly, cook returned, look your, stock worth.

    big people, dog barked, big table, big dog, big changes, frog jumped, dig carefully, big gang, bag fell, dog vomited, big things, plug the, drag something, big zoo, big shop, dig here, drug might, big note, dog licked, big report, big yield, bag without.

    quiet please, get back, not tired, great danger, what changes, that joke, hot cake, smart girl, it follows, that vegetable, cat thought, fit the, late sales, not zero, great show, it happened, that may, what next, got letters, not right, eight years, what word.

    bad pen, red book, pretended to, noted down, splendid chance, good judge, hard cover, made good, bad fellow, started very, include things, concluded that, beside some, solid shape, bad habits, scolded me, good news, sad look, guard remained, started yielding, bad wood.